Kingmaker Loot
Cold Iron Sword Mstwk
Scale Maile

A rotting leather backpack that contains 38 gp, 520 sp, a jade carving of a nude female elven monk(85g), and a watertight scroll tube.

a pewter drinking stein(12g), a silver ring(35g)

Inside the tube is a partially completed map of the northwest corner of the Greenbelt that seems to indicate that the explorer approached from the north, reached the source of the Skunk River, and was working his way downriver.

+900g for Wyrm head

Vekkel has promised his masterwork longbow and six +1 animal bane arrows to whoever can kill Tuskgutter. He also promises to share the head cheese he plans to make out of this trophy.

Boggard Lair
Frog Pond (north west boggard)
statue erastil (west bog)
tuskgutter (west bog)
thicket (se tusk)
staglord (se thicket)



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